Kicking Seagulls Logo.jpg

Punk/Ska/Rock 'n' Roll/Social Commentary.

Guitar/Vox: Terry Seagull | Bass: Andy Seagull | Drums: Tony Seagull

Dive bombing austerity and soaring up like a gull-faced phoenix from the poverty of our once thriving Victorian seaside resorts ‘Kicking Seagulls’ spit out great music mixed with social commentary like a proud gannet regurgitating its prized catch of the day.

They are more intrepid and audacious than your usually pasty stealing, chip thieving, sausage robbing seagull and with more hooks than an Alaskan long-line fisherman.

Kicking Seagulls champion the underdogs with their DIY punk ethos and refusal to follow the well-trodden path. More than just choosing a different path they have ripped up the map and doing things their way. Keeping compromises to a minimum and doing what they want they have kept things honest.

Sounding like a 5 piece this 3 piece pride themselves with what you hear on the record is what you hear live meaning the music is more sushi than deep fried – raw! They take their influences from all corners of the world and not afraid to combine genres within the same songs. From early Rock & Roll through Pub Rock, Punk, Two-Tone and Ska to name just a few genres, Kicking Seagulls aren’t to be missed